quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

Under The Snow

Last night I had a strange but perfect dream.It was me, walking down nowhere, just alone, in an unknown land, and suddenly I found the gates of a park. "it must be a wonderful place" - I thought.

And I wasn't wrong. The place was like out of this world, just amazing.

There were free white birds flying around, white shy sky above my head, and lots of high white trees composing a grove.

Suddenly I noticed I was really cold, but there wasn't wind. I found out the reason of the coldness when I touched the first tree. It was made of ice!

And then I realized that not only all the trees were made of ice, but the whole place I was in.

I felt just fantastic, as if I were where I belong to. I remember the substantial happyness I felt inside of me when I started strolling around the park, the beautiful iced moon smiling above.

And then I fell asleep. A pure but brief sleep, cause soon I was waking up to enjoy another time at the park, when I realized it wasn't so cold, actually, it was getting warm. "something is not right"- I thought.

And again I was not wrong.

I just couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing: A yellow sun rising the sky, turning everything to water. All my palace and the whole park was becoming a deep sea, full of deception. My tears just increased the fact, what made me even more sad.

When I finally woke up lying on my bed, I saw that everything was dry and I got really relieved. But I knew, I've missed the iced world forever...

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